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  • What're the advantages of the brushless dc motor?

    Brushless DC motors have many advantages versus the brushed DC motors which are:Longer Life which the the only thing to affect the life of the brushless dc motor is the bearing's life.No maintenan

  • What are the sensored and sensorless brushless motors?

    In brushless motors and speed control, you have two different types: SENSORED & SENSORLESS.Sensored motor as a sensor to help the sensored speed control know the orientation of the motor shaft.Sen

  • What's full step and half step of the stepper motor?

    Full StepThis method of stepping the motor energizes both phases constantly to achieve full rated torque at all positions of the motor. If a stepper motor has 200 steps, one pulse equals one step. So,

  • What's the holding torque and detent torque of the stepper motor?

    Holding torqueA stepper motor’s holding torque is the amount of torque needed in order to move the motor one full step when the windings are energized but the rotor is stationary. Holding torque is on

  • AC Supply Port of HV BLSD Series Drives

    Caution:The PE protection point must be connected to PE of AC supply system.  Don't open the cover and touch the circuit unless HV LED becomes dark.1. AC Supply Port:An AC supply of 175-265V/

  • What's bipolar and unipolar in stepper motors

    There are two basic winding arrangements for the electromagnetic coils in a two phase stepper motor: bipolar and unipolar.4 Wires: Bipolar only5 Wires: Unipolar only6 Wires: Universal8 Wires: Universa

  • Advantages and disadvantages of stepper motors

    Advantages:Low cost for control achievedHigh torque at startup and low speedsRuggednessSimplicity of constructionCan operate in an open loop control systemLow maintenanceLess likely to stall or slipWi

  • What exactly is a stepper motor?

    Stepper motors are different from ordinary DC motors in at least four important ways.The first difference you notice is that they have no brushes or commutator (the parts of a DC motor that reverse th

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