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Product - Hybrid Stepper Motor

Hybird Stepper Motor, Hybrid Stepping MotorAdvantage of our Hybrid Stepper Motor:

• Low cost for control achieved.
• High torque at startup and low speeds.
• Long life and very reliable, the life of the motor is simply dependent on the life of the bearing.
• Low maintenance and will work in any environment.
• Less likely to stall or slip.
• Precise positioning and repeatability of movement.
• Excellent response to starting/stopping/reversing. 

Applications of our Hybrid Stepper Motor:

The hybrid stepper motors are widely used in such varied applications as
 • Laboratory and Medical equipment.
• Security camera.
• Telecommunication equipment.
• 3D printer / Inkjet printer.
• CNC machine.
• Vending machines.
• Textile machine.
and a multitude of other applications. 

General Specifications of our Hybrid Stepper Motor:

• Frame size from 20mm to 90mm in NEMA8 to NEMA34.
• 0.9 degree and 1.8 degree available.
• Stepper angle accuracy: ±5%. resistance accuracy: ±10%, inductance Accuracy: ±20%.
• 80℃ temperature rise.
• Insulation class: B (130℃).
• Shaft, winding and specifications can be customized.
• Connector, pulley, encoder and gearbox also available as option.

Hybrid Stepper Motor - Defination of Part number:

Frame size
Square hybrid stepper motor*
Step angle**
Lead wire***
Winding Type
External code

**: This code shows the sharp of the motor. HS = Square hybrid stepper motor; HY = Round hybrid stepper motor.
**: This code shows the stepper angle of the motor. M = 0.9°; D =1.8°.
***: This code shows the lead wire number of the motor, the detail code defination is: F = 4; V = 5; S = 6; E = 8.

Hybrid Stepper Motor - Structure Explosion View:


Components Brief Introduction

1: Flange
2: Front Bearing
3: Rotor Core
4: Permanent Magnet Steel
5: Rotor Core 
6: Winding
7: Shaft
8: Stator Core
9: Rear Bearing
10: Wave Washer
11: End Cap


Hybrid Stepper Motor - Products Portfolio:

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