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Product - Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor)

Brushless MotorAdvantages of our Brushless DC Motor:

· Longer Life which the only thing to affect the life of the brushless dc motor is the bearing's life.
· Maintenance free because there are no brushes and physical commutator.
· More efficient and high reliable.
· High speed which can operate at speeds up to 20,000 rpm in both loaded and unloaded conditions.
· Less noise because its internal parts are completely enclosed.

Applications of our Brushless DC Motor:

The brushless dc motors are widely used in such varied applications as:
· Semiconductor equipment.
· Office equipment.
· Medical and pharmaceutical equipment.
· Textile machine.
· X-Y-Z Positioning machine.
· Pumps.
· and much more.

General Specifications of our Brushless DC Motor:

· Frame size from 28mm to 130mm in square or round type with NEMA flange mounting.
· 12V to 310V typical Bus voltage range for you to choose from.
· 120 degree electrical Hall effect angle.
· Radial force up to 220N, axial force up to 60N.
· Operation Speed up to 20,000rpm.
· Motor Figure, shaft, winding and specifications can be customized.
· Connector, pulley, encoder and gearbox also available as option.
· We can also provide our high quality and low cost brushless dc motor driver which can perfectly match our motors.

Brushless DC Motor - Defination of Part number:

Frame size
Brushless dc motor
Square *
Voltage **
External code

*: This code shows the sharp of the motor. S = Square; Y =Round.
**: This code shows the voltage of the motor, the detail code defination is: A=24V; B=36V; C=48V; D=170V; E=310V; F=325V; 12=12V 

Brushless DC Motor - Structure Explosion View:

Brushless DC Motor Structure Explosion view

Components Brief Introduction

1: Flange
2: Shaft
3: Front Bearing
4: Circlip
5: Rotor (lamination stack)
6: Stator Winding
7: Stator Core
8: Rear Bearing
9: End cap
10: PCB
11: Magnets
12: End Cover


Brushless DC Motor - Product Portfolio:

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