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     MCP2 Series worm wheel geared motor

    • Gearbox HousingRuggedised Die-cast Aluminium
    • Worm Gear MaterialBronze, steel or plastic
    • LubricationGrease lubricated & sealed for life
    • Bearing TypeHigh quality ball bearings
    • Insulation ClassClass F (Optional: Class B)
    • Brush TypeIntegral or removable
    • Ambient Operating Temperature-20℃ to +40℃

    The geared motors are widely used in solar project, AGV's, clay traps, electric vehicles, golf carts, hoists, winches and a multitude of other applications.

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    Motor Size Worm Wheel Material Gear Ratio Brake Type Output Shaft
    90ZYT,100ZYT,110ZYT Delrin, Bronze 25:1With/without hand release Customised
    90ZYT,100ZYT,110ZYT Delrin, Bronze 30:1With/without hand release Customised
    90ZYT,100ZYT,110ZYT Delrin, Bronze 60:1With/without hand release Customised
    90ZYT,100ZYT,110ZYT Bronze 75:1With/without hand release Customised

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