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     130ZW3S Series brushless DC motor

    • Winding typeYWE
    • Hall effect angle120 Degree electrical angle
    • Radial play0.02mm / 460g
    • End play0.08mm / 450g
    • Max. radial force220N @ 20mm from the flange
    • Max. axial force60N
    • Insulation classB
    • Dielectric strength500VDC for one minute
    • Insulation resistance100MΩ min., 500VDC

    The brushless dc motors are widely used in such varied applications as office equipment, pumps, textile machines and much more.

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    Model Units 130ZW3S120C50 130ZW3S155E30
    Number of poles
    Number of phase
    Rated voltage VDC 48 310
    Rated speed RPM 5000 3000
    Continuous stall torque N.m 2.8 5.5
    Rated torque N.m 2.5 5
    Rated power W 1308 1570
    Peak torque N.m 7.5 15
    Peak current A 109 20
    Torque constant Nm/A 0.07 0.74
    Back E.M.F V/KRPM 6.2 64.5
    Rotor inertia g.c㎡ 2.4 4.8
    Body length mm 120 155
    Voltage range VDC 36~310
    Speed range RPM 1000~5000
    Weight Kg 5 5.5



     Shaft EncoderBrake Connector Pulley 

    1. Shaft Extensions: All motors can be supplied with single or double ended shaft, according to per customer's request. The length of shaft can made as per customer's request too.
    2. Encoder option: All motors can be supplied with different revolution encoder according to customer’s request. 
    3. Brake option: All motors can be supplied with brake with or without hand release. 
    4. Cable harness: Cable harness with or without connectors can be supplied according customer’s request.
    5. Pulley & pinion gear: Pulley or pinion gear is available according to customer's request.

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