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     HV Series, High Voltage, AC/DC Dual Purpose, Wide Voltage Range and Variable Parameter Settings, 2 Quadrant Brushless DC Motor Driver

    PLC interface high voltage brushless DC motor driver for PCB board cutting machine and construction spraying machine. 0-10V analog voltage / pulse width signal / pulse frequency signal supports. Optoelectronic isolation for all the ports with over temperature, over current, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage and other protections. Military conformal coating for PCB surface, moisture, mold, dust-proof. It's very safe and super reliable.

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    Defination of Part number:

    BLDC drive
    Rated Voltage
    Peak current limit
    AC/DC input ①
    Control mode
    Parameter ②
    Temp ③

    ① :  This code shows the DC Power input type of the drive: ADC=AC and DC dual purpose; DC = Normal DC input; LDC = Ultra low voltage DC input; WDC = Wide range DC input; AC = AC input.
    ② : This code shows the parameter type of the drive: S = Simple fixed parameter; N = Variable parameter; H = High current; SH = Small type high voltage; HV = High voltage. 
    : This code shows the temperature range of the drive: T = -40 ~ +65 ℃ , None = -10 ~ +45℃ .

    Note: In order let the part number easier to read, Some part number code will not be shown in the specification table, a code "X" will be instead. The full part number will be provided in the quotation or the proforam invoice..







    Peak Current adjustable

    Current adjustable






    of speed
    or current



    Input Range




    PG speed
    pulse output

    Current/ speed loop switchSetting by switch and potentiometerSC






    Heat Sink



    AC 110
    (AC 45-140)


    DC 155

    (DC 60-195)

    4~8 2~4


    0-3KHz pulse customizable




    BLSD11016ADC-2Q-HV-X 8~16 4~816
    BLSD11024ADC-2Q-HV-X 12~246~1216

    AC 220
    (AC 45-275)


    DC 310

    (DC 60-385)

    4~8 2~416
    8~16 4~816
    BLSD22024ADC-2Q-HV-X 12~24 6~1216

    * All the drivers in the above table can use AC and also DC input. When use AC, the driving voltage mode in the motor port is DC, the voltage is 1.4 times than input AC voltage. When use DC, the driving voltage mode in the motor port is DC, the voltage is same with input DC voltage

    Technical Note:

    Caution: The PE protection point must be connected to PE of AC supply system.  Don't open the cover and touch the circuit unless HV LED becomes dark.

    1. Power Supply Port:

    A wide range AC or DC power supply of AC45-275V/50-60Hz in single phase, DC60-385V can be used for the driver. The PE point of driver and power supply system must be connected reliably for safety. Please take attention to the high voltage warning.

    2. Motor Windings Port:

    Connect three phases of windings to the U/V/W points in correct sequence. PE on motor case must be connected to PE point of this port for safety. Please take attention to the high voltage warning.

    3. Motor Hall Sensor Port:

    Connect Hall sensors Hu/Hv/Hw to the port in correct sequence. This port is insulated from inside circuit by optocoupler and Vc supply is provided by driver.

            AKT Motor

    4. Control Signal Port:

    This port is insulated from inside circuit by optocoupler and one line isolated 12V power supply is provided by driver for external use, the current is less than 50mA

    • F/R: Rotating direction control. Forward=open ,Reverse=connect to SGND

    • The driver can provide safety forward/reverse control. If the direction is changed suddenly when the motor is running, the motor will cut down the power and sliding to zero speed smoothly and then change rotating direction in order to avoid the shock impact. At the moment that the driver power up, if the speed is not zero, then it will start until the speed is zero.

    • EN: Enable control function. Enable when optocoupler conduct. The driver can only be work when enable. The alarm can be reset by EN=disable once

      AKT Motor

    • SV:Analog reference voltage input of 0~10V. Input impedance 200K. It is insulated from inside circuit by a linear optocoupler.

    • SVP:Digital reference pulse input of 0~3KHz frequency or 0~100% PWM@50-1KHz .

    • PG:Speed pulse output in OC(30Vmax/5mA). This signal can be made in synchronize to one phase hall sensor signal or 6 times frequency multiplier. The motor speed is in proportion to the frequency. Motor speed(rpm)=PG frequency(Hz)x120/N. N is the pole number of motor. Or, motor speed(rpm)=PG frequency(Hz)x120/N/6 (6 times frequency multiplier).

    • AL:Alarm output in OC(30Vmax/5mA). The driver has self-diagnostic function. When the following conditions come, the alarm comes up, and optocoupler will conduct.

                For items of NO.1~5, green LED P/A will be blinking. The alarm can be reset by EN=disable once.
                For items of NO.6~7, red LED will brighten. The alarm can be reset only you Off-on supply again.

                1. Incorrect Hall signal    2. Low control voltage    3. OT at main chip    4. LV or OV at power supply voltage    5. current continuous overload (Peak current limiting) over 6 seconds     6. Case temperature over     7. Short circuit in motor windings. 

    Vc,SGND:One line isolated 12V power supply is provided by driver for external use, the current is less than 50mA

    5. LED Display:

    • HV: DC bus voltage instruction LED. Green color LED. High voltage on DC power line when brighten. Warning: Do not open the case and touch the high voltage parts when this LED brightens. 

    • P/A: Green color LED. Control supply and Alarm. LED will be blinking in alarm state.

    • SHAFT: Green color LED. When motor shaft is moving, LED will brighten, When moving stopped, LED turns dark. In order to avoid the danger, do not touch the shaft and the related components when this LED brightens.

    • SC: Short circuit indicator LED. Red color LED. When Short circuit in windings of motor, LED will brighten. The alarm can be reset only you Off-on supply again after removal of fault.

    • OT: Over temperature indicator LED. Red color LED. When over temperature at driver case,  LED will be brighten and alarm. The alarm can be reset only you Off-on supply again after apply the cooling measures.

    6. Potentiometers:

    R-PC:Peak current ratio,50%-100%    R-LG:Loop gain,2-22    R-RT:Ramp time,0.2-2.2S    R-SV:Reference ratio,0-100%. Usually used for precisely calibrating in full speed control instructions. Also can be used for internal speed control potentiometer by its attenuation effect.

    7. Switches:

    SW1-1:ON=120°Hall sensors,OFF=60°Hall sensors

    SW1-2:ON=Close loop,OFF=Open loop

    SW1-3/4:ON/OFF=Speed loop,OFF/ON=Current loop

    SW1-5/6:ON=Increase loop filter time,OFF=Decrease loop filter time

    SW1-7/8/9/10:Max speed range setting. It’s related to the motor poles, please check the table printed in the driver case.

    SW2-1/2/3:ON/OFF/OFF=0-10V analog input at SV,OFF/ON/OFF=0~100% PWM (1~2KHz) input at SVP,OFF/OFF/ON=0~3KHz pulse frequency input at SVP.

    SW2-4:ON=PG frequency is 6x Hall sensor frequency per phase

                   OFF=PG frequency is 1x Hall sensor frequency per phase

            AKT Motor


    Outline Drawing:



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